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September 2023
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Red Wine & your Heart’s Health

Red Wine Researchers from the University of Wisconsin have found that the chemical resveratrol has been found to decrease and even eliminate the age related changes, which can occur to your heart. Resveratrol is a plant polyphenol, which can be derived from wine, grapes and pomegranates and this study suggests it is the reason for what is known as the French Paradox. The French Paradox refers to the French’s ability to live long and prosperous lives while still consuming a diet that is rich in fats, which are known to raise cholesterol levels and clog arteries.

The researchers from the University of Wisconsin have taken this plant derivative and tested it on mice. Although the aging process of the heart function is different for animals and humans there is a changing in the gene sequence, which is nearly the same for both; making this form of research possible. It was found that the mice who consumed resveratrol had fewer age related changes to the heart over time in comparison to the mice who did not consume resveratrol.

Dr Louise Connelly from Imperial College has examined the effects of resveratrol on lung disease. She said that resveratrol within the blood stream is eliminated from the body before it can have any effects. She also stated:

“The resveratrol molecule is very quickly removed from the bloodstream metabolised by the liver.

“In order to have any effect, you would have to drink literally gallons of wine, and that is not recommended.”

Coronary heart disease can also be lowered as a risk factor when you frequently consume levels of resveratrol through your diet. This is due to the decreased production of the “bad” cholesterol and increased production of the “good” cholesterol. Within this function lowered cholesterol levels and reduction in fats within the arteries can be experienced as well. It is important to remember and take note that not all wines are made the same or with the same ingredients and this should not be overlooked if you are looking to drink wine based on the results and benefits found within this study.

Merlot and Red Zinfandels have lower levels of resveratrol than Cabernet Sauvignon and white wines have very small if any levels of resveratrol to be seen. If you are not a wine drinker, resveratrol can be taken in the form of a natural supplement as well. Resveratrol has also been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and for many people this is the optimal way to receive the heart and anti-cancer benefits from this ancient Chinese remedy. I recommend Nature’s Way resveratrol formula, which is a powerful and synergistic blend of red wine extract, red wine powder, Japanese Knotweed and Grape Seed Extract.

This study is not advocating anyone to drink large amounts of wine within their everyday diet to reap the benefits of resveratrol. It is only acknowledging there are benefits and a glass of wine in moderation may be a good way to obtain some of these benefits or through natural supplementation.

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