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February 2024
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Increased C-Sections & Pre-Mature Babies

Mother and her Newborn Baby A new study conducted by the March of Dimes and the CDC have shown that the statistics of the dramatic increase in c-section delivery and pre-mature babies are directly related. One in eight babies is delivered prematurely within the USA every year and one in three of these babies are delivered by c-section. This study found almost 60,000 pre-mature deliveries within the USA between the years of 1996-2004. More than 9 out of 10 of these deliveries were c-section instead of natural child birth. C-sections increased by a large 36% during this period for single births.

Although there are more and more risk factors for the mother to be considered such as obesity, diabetes and hypertension, this is not enough to account for such a dramatic rise in c-section deliveries. The reason for this incredible increase is more likely connected to liability on the physician, maternal risk factors and the fact that hospitals will not perform natural child birth with a mother who has already undergone a successful c-section. Many new mothers are told they may need to have a c-section or an induced labor before 39 weeks of gestation and if this sounds like you then you need to ask why.

One survey was performed and it showed that many of the women who had a c-section could not identify the reasons why. Pre-mature babies are at risk for far more conditions and health complications than a baby that is born later. Although the birthing process may be easier for the mother at this stage as well as the physician, it is harder on the baby. With this information presented to you it may be time to start thinking more about natural child birth. Women were built for child birth and whatever new health or medication complications have arisen in women today, they are sure to be less than the complications a pre-mature birth can cause for your newborn.

Although there has been a great deal of documentation meant to scare women out of natural child birth there are many benefits that can be taken advantage of through this natural process.

  • You are able to feel your body’s reflexes and therefore push better and faster.
  • The pain you experience during labor has a purpose.
  • It is meant to encourage the mother to shift positions and therefore the baby will shift positions; which in turn will make labor that much easier and faster.
  • Research has shown that babies adapt quicker to the outside life after natural childbirth and are easier to breast feed.
  • Mothers after child birth can get up easier and go to the bathroom unassisted, which makes for a quicker and easier recovery.
  • Your baby will come out when they are ready, not when you are ready.

As you can see natural child birth may be the easier route for any mother, even if your doctor is suggesting a planned c-section. This way your baby will be ready to enter the new world and healthy and you will feel better about your decision.

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