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February 2024
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Walking may Prevent Vascular Dementia

Walking A study was published recently in the online version of Journal Neurology stating that moderate walking and average exercise daily can help decrease the risks of vascular dementia greatly. This is the second most common neurological disorder next to Alzheimer’s disease.  

A group of 749 adults over the age of 65 volunteered for this study. The researchers found that those in the group who walked regularly or participated in other types of exercise regularly were less likely to develop forms of vascular dementia over the next four years. Vascular dementia is

caused by an impaired blood flow to the brain. This could mean blockages which prevent blood flow to the brain or complete blockages that can cause a stroke. People with conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure are also at a great risk of vascular dementia.

Basically what this study has discovered is that the same exercises which are good for the heart, healthy diet and exercise may be good for an aging brain as well. Over the four years during the study, 86 patients were diagnosed with dementia and 27 with vascular dementia. The study found that patients who walked at least 30 minutes a day, everyday, were 73% less likely to be diagnosed with this disease. Also, patients who took part in other activities such as yoga, or biking were 76% less likely to be diagnosed as well.

Frank Mangano’s Commentary:

It may be the simple blood flow to the brain during exercise and it may also stimulate the release key of chemicals into the brain to develop new brain cells. By keeping the brain stimulated and active, people over the age of 65 can be preventing vascular dementia as well as maintaining a healthy body.

Walking and other forms of moderate exercising is something everyone should be including in their everyday routines. This is not the only study which has shown the benefits of walking can be incredibly beneficial for not only your physical health but your mental health as well. Walking can manage your weight adequately, decrease the risk of heart attack, lower your risk of stroke and lower cholesterol levels, reduce risk of breast cancer and the list can go on and on. Walking is the ultimate natural way to keep you in good physical condition but many people are not aware of their mental conditions. Walking is a moderate exercise that provides results in more ways than one.

By including a 30-minute walk in your everyday routine you are keeping your brain stimulated in a relaxed manner and keeping your physical appearance and health in strong form for your older years. As studies have shown that a brisk walk can actually increase your lifespan, it is definitely something you should be doing. Now go for a walk!

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