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February 2024
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Cut Back on Sodas for a Healthier Heart

Cutting back on soda directly improves a person's blood pressure. Over time, the benefits of this practice will also continue to increase.

Today, the average American consumes 28 fl. oz. of sodas and other sugary drinks everyday – an alarming fact considering that new research has discovered the vital link between these sugary drinks and blood pressure.

According to research done by Dr. Liwei Chen from the Louisiana State University, cutting back on your consumption of sugary beverages has a direct impact on your blood pressure.

The 3-point difference

In the randomized study involving 810 adult Americans (aged twenty five to seventy nine), Dr. Chen observed that halving the usual consumption of sodas produced a 3-point reduction in blood pressure. What does this mean?  Well, a 3-point reduction in blood pressure also reduced the incidence of a heart attack by a hefty eight percent.

Mortality associated with cardiovascular incidents was also reduced by five percent.  During the study, the 810 respondents were given beverages that had been sweetened with corn syrup – the most common sweetener used in the beverage and food industries today.

According to Dr. Chen, if a person were to gradually reduce his or her soda consumption over a long period of time, then the benefits to a person’s heart is also for the long term.  And that’s not all, a person who reduces his consumption of soda also protects himself more efficiently from stroke – one the greatest silent killers in medical history.

Soda & blood pressure?

But many people are still wondering: what does soda consumption really have to do with blood pressure?  There are two theories supporting the move to reduce the intake of sodas and sugary drinks: the sodium theory and the uric acid theory.

You see, many commercial beverages are loaded with sodium, the same stuff that we use to season food. Sodium has the capacity to directly raise a person’s blood pressure.

Also, the sweetener used for these beverages also contributes to the increase of a person’s uric acid, which is also directly associated with high blood pressure.  In addition to high blood pressure, increased uric acid can also contribute to a higher probability of developing gouty arthritis – a very painful form of arthritis.

Tips for lowering your blood pressure

1. Avoid eating too much fast food and processed food – foodstuffs developed by most food sectors are loaded with at least 40% more sodium than what is considered safe by the US FDA.

2.If you can, use spice substitutes when cooking. Avoid using too much salt when cooking.  Your blood pressure can progressively increase through time.

3. You don’t have to spend a cent to exercise – start getting fit today.  Five minutes of brisk walking, done everyday, can do wonders for your blood pressure.

4. Cut down on smoking – cigarettes and cigars have been shown to raise blood pressure.  If you stop smoking for just 1 to 2 hours, your blood pressure begins to go down.


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