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February 2024
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Vitamin E and your Physical Decline

Physical Decline Lack of Vitamin E is usually a direct result of poor nutrition and diet habits, but what you may not know is that a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that it can also affect your physical abilities as well. A group of researchers studied the nutrition and physical health of 698 people of 65 years and older with 3 year follow-ups throughout this particular study. Micronutrients were measured throughout this study such as Vitamin E, B6, B12 and D.

Although there were many factors to consider throughout this type of study, the researchers found that only low levels of Vitamin E were associated with the consistent decline of physical abilities. Although there have yet to be any studies which determine what the optimal level of Vitamin E should be for older people in order to avoid this decline of physical ability, it is certain that you can obtain the necessary levels through diet alone.

The participants of this study did not take Vitamin E supplements and the researchers recommended obtaing it through food sources. It is far more effective to obtain your Vitamin E intake through the different foods you include in your diet. The foods to target include, almonds, dark green and leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, whole grains, and the list goes on and on. It is important to take the time to include these sources of nutrients in your diet to not only obtain a strong nutritional food intake but to help keep your health strong as you grow older.

All it takes is the time to readjust your diet and meal plan and do what you can to include the Vitamin E positive foods which can be integrated into your favorite meals quite easily. You will find that broccoli, spinach, peanuts and kiwi, just to name a few are great sources of Vitamin E that everyone can enjoy!

Although this study shows that Vitamin E can only affect your physical decline for people 65 years or older, this does not mean for those of you who are younger can neglect your Vitamin E levels and continue choosing a less than healthy diet. The more you begin to research your own Vitamin E levels, you will learn more and more about the Vitamin E supplements which are at your disposal. By visiting your local Natural Health store and speaking with a naturopathic professional, you can find the perfect Vitamin E supplement to help improve your health in a different way.

Although getting your vitamins from food sources is always preferred, the fact of the matter is that the typical Amercian diet is nutritionally flawed and this is where supplementation becomes beneficial. I advocate taking a Vitamin E supplement in conjunction with your natural diet approaches to further make sure you are getting the Vitamin E your body needs. It is important to point out that if you’re taking a Vitamin E supplement be sure it’s a natural source of Vitamin E as synthetic Vitamin E is only 67 percent as active as the natural form. Look for the “d-alpha-tocopherol” form, which is the most potent.

Take this study into consideration as you get older and do what you can to make sure you are getting the most of your Vitamin E nutrients, as it can make a difference in how you live your life in your older years.

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