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September 2023
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Beating Cancer Back With Exercise

Exercise doesn't just benefit people by reducing weight and making muscles stronger – it can also help cancer patients by reducing the side effects of cancer treatment.

According to Eleanor Walker, a division director from the Henry Ford Hospital, exercise may well be the missing ingredient in cancer care for the longest time.

According to Dr. Walker, introducing exercise alongside the usual cancer care offered to patients offers both physical and psychological advantages.  It appears that exercise also reduces the side effects commonly associated with cancer treatment.


In addition to reducing the side effects of the various treatments for cancer, exercise is also a great energizer and is also capable of combating nausea – an all too common problem for cancer patients undergoing treatment.  The testing was done using an program called ExCITE, which was designed by researchers from the Cancer Center at the Henry Ford Hospital.

The patients were given the usual tests and specific diets and exercise programs were recommended to them, based on the initial test results.  One of the respondents, a breast cancer patient, reported that the usual side effects of treatment like nausea and even vomiting were eliminated after she joined the ExCITE program.

According to the patient, Cheryl Fallen, the ExCITE program is a very holistic approach to mitigating problems associated with cancer treatment because the exercise routines are able to strengthen the immune system and also improves the blood circulation of the patients.  Fallen also views the program as a positive aid for cancer patients; and it makes her feel good, too.

…And even more reasons to exercise

1. Exercise lowers your blood sugar levels, energizes you and improves your physical and psychological condition.  It’s all a matter of investing time and energy into it; the rewards of finally becoming physically fit are endless.

2. Exercises increases the capacity of cells to utilize sugar.  During exercise, the muscles in the body are forced to pump out energy and utilize the raw substrate used for work – glucose.  If you exercise on a daily basis, the cells in the body use sugar more efficiently, effectively lowering insulin resistance.

3. Exercising is a great way to deal with stress. Stress isn’t just a frame of mind. It’s the body’s reaction to worries and anxieties. Resting is not the best solution to stress- exercise is.  The more you exercise, the more the body heals and recovers from the physical and mental burdens of stress.  With less stress, you will be able to perform better at work or school and you will instantly feel better. After a workout (like walking or running), the body releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Endorphins allow the body to cool down and relax – naturally.


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