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September 2023
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Your Cholesterol Levels Can Tell Doctors a Lot About You

A new report from the Mayo Clinic points out that your cholesterol levels can reflect details about your overall health including the quality of your diet and exercise plan.

Your cholesterol levels can tell you more than just your levels of triglycerides!  Researchers have now determined that cholesterol levels can now also report on a person’s lifestyle choices.  The Mayo Clinic Health Letter recently released their findings that a person’s level of overall health is reflected in their good and bad cholesterol levels.

While cholesterol is normal for our bodies and is found in all of our cells, too much cholesterol can put your blood vessels at risk.  Bad cholesterol can cause our blood vessels to narrow and blood flow to be restricted.  Obviously this is a problem that can lead to health problems like heart attack and stroke.

If you are looking to reduce your LDL levels, be sure to eat less saturated fats, trans fats and increase your intake of healthy fats like extra virgin olive oil and flax seed oil.  Also foods high in soluble fiber, such as oatmeal,  are recommended to reduce the LDL.

HDL levels reflect good cholesterol. If you have low HDL, this fact means that you may very well have a sedentary lifestyle.  Also, more than likely, you don’t exercise enough.  Exercising, of course, has a number of health benefits including raising your levels of good cholesterol.

According to P.K. Shah, MD, director of cardiology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, “Boosting HDL is the next frontier in heart disease prevention.”  Reducing your calories, sugar, and alcohol consumption can also improve your HDL levels.

Fish oil can also go a long way in helping people with low HDL.  Other suggestions include red yeast rice supplementation, taking a niacin supplement, and eating foods that have lower glycemic levels.


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