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December 2023
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More Evidence that Environmental Factors Contribute to Cancer

A recent presidential study has concluded that the carcinogens in the environment are contributing to high cancer rates.

As time goes on and on, more sources point to the fact that cancer is caused by carcinogens in the environment.  In fact, a new report was just released that was completed by a expert panel that currently advises Barack Obama. This panel, called the President’s Cancer Panel (or PCP), was set up in the 1970’s.

This 240 page report, which is available for the public to download, is called “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk: What We Can Do Now.”  The report concludes that the known carcinogens in the environment are increasing, and they need to be dealt with by the government.

Dr. LaSalle D. Lefall, Jr. chairperson of the PCP stated, “There remains a great deal to be done to identify the many existing but unrecognized environmental carcinogens and eliminate those that are known from our daily lives – our workplaces, schools and homes.”  According to the report, people are exposed to up to 80,000 chemicals each day and many of them are completely unregulated.  These chemicals include radon, formaldehyde, and benzene.  Oftentimes people are completely unaware that they are being exposed to these cancer-causing chemicals.

The panel urged the government to take better steps to reduce people’s exposure to toxins by doing things like improving the understanding about these toxins, developing a better policy towards them and raising awareness. These are just a few of the suggestions made by the PCP.

The good news, however, is that researchers are learning more all the time about natural ways to treat cancer.  For example, exercise is an easy and effective way to fight cancer.  Additionally, turmeric is an extremely powerful herb that can actually kill cancer cells.  Turmeric contains the chemical curcumin.  Recent tests by the Cork Cancer Research Center show that curcumin can actually destroy cancer cells.


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