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February 2023
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Good Health & the Sunshine Vitamin

Enjoying the Sun A study led by Austrian researchers has recently grabbed the attention of the medical world today. The patients within this study were tested for their vitamin D levels and in consequence their health record and futures as well. It was found that the patients who displayed lower levels of vitamin D were 2 times more likely to die of any given health condition, but heart
disease is one of the strongest related to vitamin D deficiency to date.

This study involved 3,258 German men and women who were all around the age 62 with heart disease. Their vitamin D levels were checked through weekly blood tests over a period of 8 years. During the duration of this study, 737 of these men and women died and 463 of them died of heart disease in one form or another. The statistics they kept of their study showed that 307 of the deaths were of people who had extremely low levels of vitamin D and the other 103 had higher levels of vitamin D. The researchers took age, physical activity and health into consideration before determining their conclusions.

The leader of this study has made an official statement that these results do not prove low levels of vitamin D are harmful but the evidence is right in front of us now. In the past, vitamin D was thought of nothing more than to strengthen our bones but today scientists and researchers are beginning to learn there is far more to this vitamin than we realized in the past. Researchers from Harvard have recently published a similar study connecting low vitamin D levels to heart attacks. Two studies proving the same theory is enough to make the FDA and the medical world think twice about vitamin D.

With estimation that 50% of adults in the USA are vitamin D deficient it is time to boost these levels naturally in order to decrease your risk of heart disease. Vitamin D can be obtained through:

-Fish liver oils


-Sweet potatoes


-Dandelion greens



This is just a small example of the foods you can include in your diet to boost your vitamin D levels. Remember, Vitamin D is best obtained through natural sunlight. Even though these researchers are not encouraging anyone to boost their levels through supplements and sunlight, these studies cannot and should not be ignored. Obtaining an adequate amount of vitamin D on a daily basis is essential. 

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