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February 2023
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Prevention of Cancer Associated with Sunshine

Sunlight Vitamin D is a strong and complex vitamin that can be significantly found through sunlight and several different studies have been completed to suggest that vitamin D can in fact prevent different types of cancers. Dr. Louise Parker is a well known epidemiologist as well as expert when it comes to the environmental exposure that can affect the expansion and occurrence of cancer and has recently published her studies and thoughts on vitamin D and cancer prevention.

Dr. Parker is not the first researcher to state and confirm that the strongest source of vitamin D is from the sun through your skin. Published in The Science Daily, Dr. Parker was quoted as stating that 1,000 units a day is safe and can help reduce the risk of colon cancer as well as many other types of cancer.

Vitamin D is a large factor that has been turning up in study after study over the past few years and looking back at many of these studies patients suffering from colon cancer did experience a vitamin D deficiency. Several other studies showed that women who took vitamin D supplements had much stronger bones than women who did not, therefore reducing their risks of osteoporosis. Dr. Parker as well as many other researchers have gone back through these many cancers and bone related studies and found that many of the patients were in fact vitamin D deficient.

By combining your sun intake with your daily diet and supplement routines you could in fact be in taking close to 1,000 units per day which has been shown to not only be safe but to help prevent and reduce the risks of different types of cancer in your future. You can find vitamin D in foods such as: tuna, salmon, pure cod liver oil, dandelion greens, oatmeal and sweet potatoes. As you can see this amount is far beyond what you can obtain through your diet and this is where proper vitamin D supplements come into play.

Before taking any vitamin D supplements you need to always consult a professional naturopathic to confirm your own research before taking any supplements. A naturopathic professional can tell you what to take, what not to take and examine your current diet and nutrition habits to make sure your new supplements will not be altered or affected by any foods or other medications you are on. This is a very important step to take to ensure your safety as taking the wrong vitamin supplements can be just as dangerous as taking none at all.

It’s important to point out that calcium should be taken with Vitamin D as excessive amounts of supplemental Vitamin D can result in toxicity.

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