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February 2023
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Exposing the Truth about Milk

Glass of Raw Milk There have been so many studies and research projects throughout history regarding the benefits and negative effects of milk that today as the consumer it can be hard to know the truth from a marketing ploy. The owner of Organic Pastures Dairy explains the benefits of what is known as raw milk. Raw milk is milk that comes right from the cow and is not heated, or pasteurized. For anyone who is an avid milk drinker this may sound unsafe and perhaps even dangerous but the truth about raw milk is that it offers a great deal of nutritional and health benefits. 

The heat treatment and pasteurization done to milk is meant to purely extend the shelf life of milk and eliminate harmful bacteria. The owner of Organic Pastures Dairy tries to explain to the public that although we are currently obsessed with eliminating bacteria from every aspect of our lives, there are certain forms of bacteria that can benefit us when consumed through raw milk. What many people do not realize is that we have been benefiting from this natural form of bacteria for thousands of years. It is natural for milk to contain some level of bacteria and when it is completely eliminated you are quite literally eliminating any health benefit you may have received.

Fermented milks for example, contain high values of nutrients and the ability to digest foods easily. Today you will find within the supermarket that these forms of milks are advertised as probiotics. It may be new to many people but this is the same milk we have been drinking for centuries with a new marketing spin.

Over the years the government has made consumers believe that if you consume a product that contains bacteria in it you will be sick and therefore it should be avoided. The truth is that bacteria are found within milk for a reason. As long as the milk we drink comes from healthy cows, the good bacteria will keep the bad bacteria in check so it will not harm you. Although the FDA has made their statement that drinking raw milk is dangerous for your health, as a consumer you may already know that their statements are not always true or made for the right reasons.

Now that you know a little more about milk, it is time to take the first step. There are millions of Americans today drinking and consuming the benefits of raw milk but they are not stopping there. When you have the ability to drink raw milk you also have the ability to consume raw dairy products as well such as yogurt and more. There is nothing dangerous about this form of milk and many people agree that it tastes great! Why not choose a healthier version of milk and utilize the natural benefits within it?

As we begin to more and more discover the dangers we have created for ourselves by trying to eliminate every form of bacteria or natural substance, we then begin to see why our health is where it is today. The problem is that raw milk is not easily available in the United States. If you find it difficult to obtain raw milk, a highly nutritious alternative is almond milk, which I personally prefer over dairy milk.

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