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May 2022
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An Hour’s Worth of Benefits with 10 Minutes of Exercise

Ten minutes of exercise produces benefits that can last for up to one hour. Exercise also has endless benefits that makes it the most natural anti-aging activity around.

In a recent study performed by researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital, it was found that ten minutes worth of real exercise (jogging, walking, etc.) produced positive changes in a person’s metabolism that last for at least one hour.

This means that the more you exercise, literally, the more calories and fat your process and burn.  So in a way, exercise can create that very healthy addiction: the more you exercise, the more benefits you get on an exponential rate.  It’s a healthy cycle that everyone should adapt for a healthier, more vibrant life.

The study involved 70 participants who engaged in exercise and were measured based on their speed, oxygen intake and general fitness profile.  It was found that thinner people were generally more able to handle the exercise and produce more metabolites associated with calorie and fat-burning.  Inversely, heftier individuals showed signs of possible heart problems such as shortness of breath – a dire reminder what excess weight could do to the heart.

Why exercise is good for you

We all know that exercise is good for us, and here’s why:

1.  Exercising lifts depressive moods and improves your mental outlook, instantly. - exercise activates the production of chemicals in the brain that allows you to feel better.  It’s the body’s natural means of rewarding the body for a hard day’s work.

In addition to this, exercise reduces the total fat percentage in the body, which makes you look more fit and healthy – this always gives people reasons to smile and feel good about themselves.

Think of exercise as a cost-effective way of gaining more self confidence and becoming healthier over the long term.  This type of investment requires nothing but your willpower and time.

2.  Exercise keeps your heart healthy - regular exercise (at least 30 minutes everyday) lowers your blood pressure, burns excess fat, improves your circulation, lower bad cholesterol and makes you look younger, too!

3.  Exercise – the only weight loss tool you will ever need –forget all those fad diets. Exercise is the real deal. Exercise directly burns fat, controls your appetite and increases your metabolism naturally – no pills, fad diets or special supplements needed.

4.  Who needs energy bars when you’ve got exercise? - people experience low energy levels even if they eats lots of calories. So forget about energy bars and sugar & sodium-packed energy drinks. Instead of buying another energy bar, start walking daily for extra energy throughout the day.

5.  Quality sleep – if you schedule your exercise in such a way that you have cooled down sufficiently at bedtime, you will get better sleep.

6.  More loving with exercise – having problems with lovemaking? Exercise may be the key. Exercise naturally energizes you, even after a hard day’s work. A run on the treadmill just might be the key for better lovemaking.

7.  Exercise is fun! - why do people run or walk everyday? Well they are doing it not just for the benefits. They do it because it is fun! Try to find an exercise or sport that fits your needs. Find something that entertains you as well. Dancing, stretching and even Olympic wrestling can make you very fit.

8.  Exercise calms you down – when you exercise, the body’s core temperature is increased. When you cool down, the natural cooling process relaxes the whole body and allows your body to de-stress at its own pace.

9.  Better immune system – exercise increases your body’s natural defense system. Even cancer survivors will attest to the vibrancy they felt after engaging in a specially-tailored exercise regimen, which helps them cope with the side effects of cancer treatment.


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