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February 2024
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Diet and Exercise Can Override the Genetic Disposition towards Obesity

A new European study releases their findings that teens can override the effect of the “fatso gene” through at least one hour per day of exercise.

A new European study whose results are published in the April edition of Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine states that exercising just one hour per day can help teenagers to override the effects of the “fatso” gene.

There is no doubt that the obesity gene can make people gain weight.  One gene called the “FTO gene” has a particularly strong impact.  People with 2 copies of this gene weigh about 7 more pounds on average.

The EU and Spanish and Swedish governments funded this study which sought to find out if recommending one hour of exercise to teens was beneficial in fighting the effects of the fat gene.  Researchers had 752 teenagers wear a device, which monitored their physical activity.

As it turned out, those who had the obesity gene weighed the same as those without it… as long as they exercised.  However, if the teens had the gene and exercised less than one hour per day, they always had more fat and larger waistlines.

This new study supports the current advice given to children and teens in the U.S., which is to get one hour of physical exercise, preferably aerobic exercise, per day.

Dr. Alan Shuldiner of the University of Maryland, stated “The message is clear: genes are not destiny. Those with obesity susceptibility genes should be especially motivated to engage in a physically active lifestyle.

This study is very good news.  As it turns out, even teens with the fat gene, are not destined to a life of obesity.  They can control their fate to some extent.

Of course, the fact of the matter is that everyone, not just teens, should be exercising every day.  The reasons are quite vast.  Exercise improves your mood and quality of life.  It can improve your sleep and boost your energy level.

Exercise has also been shown to prevent a variety of diseases, everything from certain types of cancer to heart disease to osteoporosis.


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