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June 2023
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Study Shows Daily Exercise Can Prevent Colds

Race walking A new research study on walking has found that only 30 minutes of walking per day, five days per week can help prevent colds throughout the year. Walking has been found to be one of the most successful forms of exercise because it can be done at the perfect level of intensity, not too much and not too little. It is important to remember that over-working out can actually weaken your immune system and bring more colds your way without you realizing it.

This study shows that walking 30 minutes a day actually raises your white blood cell count and these are the blood cells which are fighting the diseases and colds. Therefore by exercising daily you are temporarily raising your white blood cell count that will help fight the many colds and viruses floating around you everyday. Of course it is important to create a healthy balance between good hygiene and daily exercise such as walking. By washing your hands frequently you are taking an active stand against the colds trying to infect your immune system.

Frank Mangano’s commentary:

I’ve been advocating the importance of daily walks since I began my mission in alternative health. Walking is a simple exercise which has the capability to maintain your fitness level and do so many other things. Some of the most common benefits of walking include controlling your blood pressure, decreasing risk of heart attack, protecting you against hip fractures and can boost good cholesterol. This is just a very small taste of the different health benefits walking can produce for those who use it on a steady basis. You cannot expect to see results when you walk 5 days a week one week and only one the next and maybe only 3 the week after that. This is not a steady focus on your health and you will see no results from this method. You have to make a commitment to your health and maintain a walking routine of 30 minutes a day for 5 days a week and this is at the low end of the scale. You can choose to do more if you like but make sure to keep the intensity level the same throughout each of your walks. 

Choosing to walk with a partner is a great way to keep your motivation high and your routine on a steady basis. That’s what I do. This way you can have someone to chat with during your walks and you both can help increase your health status on a day to day basis. During the winter months, walking through your neighborhood may not seem as inviting and for this time of year community centers and gyms are the perfect place for you. These places are not only for those who choose an intense workout, the treadmills and even walking through the building itself are great options for those looking to maintain their routine when the weather is not cooperating.

Consider this study when you are thinking of skipping your daily walk, there are so many ailments that can come your way as you get older, why not make the effort to avoid them as much as you can, with such an easy exercise?

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