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February 2024
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Exercise Away the Pain

Migraine A report in the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine is suggesting an alternative method of treatment for those suffering from chronic migraines. Researchers claim a routine of exercise and relaxation will significantly improve the intensity of migraine pain.  

Martin Kopp, MD and his team at Innsbrook Medical University chose thirty women who were also

migraine patients to participate in their study. They were split into two groups; half were asked to continue on with their normal treatments while the rest were given a new exercise routine to follow. Twice a week for forty-five minutes each they were to do aerobic exercise and then afterwards were told to do fifteen minutes worth of muscle relaxation.

The study lasted six weeks.  The women who were involved in the exercise/relaxation method yielded positive results.  Not only did they report to have had less migraine pain than the other women, but also claimed to have less depressed symptoms.  Kopp and his team claim the logic behind these results lies with the self-efficacy one feels during physical activity and other means of coping that are not medicine based. 

Another study was done in Austria.  Researchers there used fifteen migraine suffers and added a similar regime of exercise and relaxation to care for their pain.  The results there were the same, with an overall report of the improvement of intensity.  Although neither study proves that this method can prevent getting migraines once and for all, it does suggest a very valid treatment of the pain that does not involve the intake of drugs.

In addition to Koop’s research, Coenzyme Q10 may also be a helpful option, but this time in the prevention of migraines.  It is an enzyme that is naturally found within mitochondria and plays an essential part in producing energy.  It is known to reduce inflammation, lower high blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce the impairment caused by Parkinson’s disease. 

Research done in 2002 also cites CoQ10 as a way to help prevent migraines.  A reported sixty-one percent of participants treated with the enzyme had fifty percent fewer migraine headaches at the end of one month’s time.  It is an effective alternative to drugs due to the belief that migraines are caused by cells’ inability to produce energy.  As previously mentioned CoQ10 is an energy producer in cells.

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