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May 2024
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Black Soy Beans Shown to Lower Diabetes Risk, Study Finds

Black soy beans have long been noted as a food good for the prevention of obesity and lowering cholesterol. Now, according to a new study from South Korea, black soy beans may also be effective in lowering risk of diabetes.Researchers at Hanyang University of Seoul, conducted the study which involved 2 groups of rats on a high-fat diet. Group one was a control group and group two was fed black soy beans. Over a 28 day period the rats with the black soy beans added to their diets gained less weight and were overall healthier. 

In Asia, black soy beans have been used for years as a remedy for diabetes.

While traditionally, yellow soy beans were the choice among most for lowering cholesterol, the researchers say the black soy beans yielded better results with regard to lowering cholesterol in the rats than yellow ones.

The Korean researchers maintain that the exact method in which the black soy beans help fight against diabetes is unknown. David Bender, sub-dean at the Royal Free and University College Medical School, London, however, says that the soy protein may be reducing synthesis of new fatty acids and cholesterol through the effect it has on fat metabolism in the liver and adipose tissue.

Type-2 Diabetes is the result of an excess of abdominal adipose tissue combined with poor blood sugar metabolism and / or insulin insensitivity.

Sophie McGough of Western Australia who is a Diabetes WA educator and dietitian said the research matches up to existing knowledge about legumes like soybeans. “Legumes are actually perfect parcels of goodness for diabetes because they’re low in fat, they’re high in fiber and they’re low GI (glycemic index),” she told the West Australian newspaper.

Libby Dowling of Diabetes UK, however thinks no one should put all their faith in black soy beans alone when fighting diabetes: “Black soy beans are low in fat, high in soluble fiber and a good source of protein but they alone will not stop someone from developing diabetes,” she told the BBC.

Frank Mangano’s commentary:

I agree with Libby Dowling’s opinion but still this is great news folks. Just another option we can utlize in our mission to prevent disease without harmful medications. Just be sure to avoid all genetically modified soybeans (GMO).

Regular exercise and elimination of refined sugars and processed carbohydrates are essential to prevent diabetes. Some other great choices for treating & preventing diabetes include nopal supplements from prickly pear cactus, cinnamon and gymnema sylvestre as they help regulate blood sugar levels.

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Comment from JoAnna Taff
Time April 24, 2007 at 6:18 pm

Would you please address helpful, EFFECTIVE supplements for FMS?
Thank you,

J Taff

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