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February 2024
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The health risks of Beta-Blockers to lower blood pressure outweigh the benefits…

Are you taking beta-blockers to lower blood pressure? If so then you need to be aware of a new development. There is now evidence that shows these types of drugs to lower blood pressure increase some health risks, including strokes and heart attacks.

As a matter of fact, health authorities in Britain have told millions of patients to STOP taking beta-blockers, which are widely used in Australia.

In a report released on June 28th, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence said beta-blockers would no longer be prescribed for high blood pressure after studies found newer drugs were safer and more effective.

Here’s my question folks, why will “newer” types of drugs be pushed when there are completely safe, natural and healthy alternatives that exist right now like drinking more pure water and taking a high quality omega 3 fatty acid supplement to lower blood pressure? That’s something to think about!

- Frank Mangano

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Comment from Margaret McLean
Time August 11, 2006 at 3:13 am

I was prescribed atenanol for high blood pressure about 2 weeks ago, I was ok with it for about 3 days then the trouble began, I started to have panic attacks, could not sleep at night, had rapid heart beat, flip flopping all over the place, stopped taking the medicine, it took a week ann am just beginning to feel better, howver my blood pressure problem is still around…I am really sensative to medication, I don’t take it if I can help it, now my doctor wants me to try a calcium blocker, don’t want to take that one either after i read possible side effects. I feel worse on medication than I did before I started itl

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