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February 2020
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Archive for 'Heart Health'

It Takes Two

U of C Study Shows How Fish and Nuts Protect Heart Differently I tried a great fish recipe the other day – salmon, lightly coated with all-natural honey mustard, and topped with crushed walnuts. Not only was it delicious, but it was a dynamic duo for heart health, as walnuts and fish protect the heart [...]

Smiling Face, a Saving Grace: How a Positive Attitude May Wind Up Saving Your Life

“If everything you do is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right.”  Those were the words spoken by Jerry Seinfeld to his good friend George Costanza, after George woefully told Jerry that every decision he’d made in his life had turned out wrong. To correct this trend, George and Jerry thought that perhaps [...]

Blocking Heart Attack Risk with Heavy ‘D’

Study:  Heart Attack Prevalence Highest Among Men Low in Vitamin D   If you’re a regular reader of my column, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve referenced the tragic death of Tim Russert with some consistency lately.  I do this not only because his death shocked me as well as many others around the world who admired [...]

Could Heart Medications Have Contributed To Tim Russert’s Death?

Tim Russert was an NBC commentator who died on Friday, June 13th of a heart attack. At the time he was taking prescription medications for his heart condition. Although the media is constantly reporting the cause of his death, no one is reporting the cause of the heart attack. According to the American Medical Association [...]

Chinese Rice & Your Heart Health

A study conducted in the People’s Republic of China focused on over 60 hospitals and 5,000 patients between the ages of 18-70 over a 5-year period. This study recently publishes its findings that the purified extract; Xuezhikang, which can be found in Chinese Red Yeast rice, is beneficial for preventing repeat heart attacks in patients [...]

Benefits of Broccoli in your Diet

Whether you like broccoli or not, there are many recent studies, one in particular by researchers at the University of Connecticut that state eating broccoli can actual improve your heart’s health. A recent study was done on rats regarding broccoli and its health benefits in relation to the heart and the results were quite encouraging. [...]

Oatmeal and your Heart Health

Throughout the past decade there have been numerous reports done proving and stating that oatmeal and whole oat products as a whole provide heart healthy benefits. The FDA approved this statement that oatmeal and whole oat products did in fact have heart healthy benefits in 1997. Since this date, there have been no more official [...]

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