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December 2022
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Eating Eggs in Moderation is Still Good for the Health

A recent study suggest that eating of eggs should be done in moderation, especially for people at high risk for heart diseases.

A review regarding the dangers of cholesterol present in a person’s diet, especially for those who are at risk of a stroke or heart attack, was published by three leading physicians in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. The review was actually a warning, saying that one of the leading sources of cholesterol are egg yolks, which may contain cholesterol levels from 215 to 275 mg, depending on its size. It was actually compared to Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Double Down bun-less sandwich made up of cheese and bacon in between two slabs of fried chicken.  KFC’s one-of-a-kind sandwich is said to contain a cholesterol level of 150 mg.  For patients who are at risk of developing diseases of the heart, a limit to their total dietary cholesterol is set:  it should be less than 200 mg of cholesterol on a daily basis.

Dr. David Spence from The University of Western Ontario, a stroke prevention expert; Dr. David Jenkins, a nutrition expert coming from  Toronto’s St. Michael Hospital’s Risk Factor Modification Center; and Dr. Jean Davignon, a cholesterol expert from Montreal’s Clinique de nutrition métabolisme et athérosclérose, were the three physicians who conducted and published the review.

Dr. Spence, a scientist and professor at Robarts Research Institutes’ Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, said that the aim of the review is to put cholesterol into the spotlight, mainly because there have been a pervasive misconception among some physicians and the Canadian public as well, saying that consuming more and more amounts of egg yolks and dietary cholesterol is harmless.  He said that most of this has something to do with efficient marketing of eggs.

The said review made a commentary with regards to the difference between dietary cholesterol and fasting cholesterol levels.  It also tackled two large-scale studies which illustrated that no harm is done when egg is consumed by healthy people.  The authors of the review pointed out that in both previous studies, subjects who developed diabetes as they were consuming one egg per day had a two-fold risk of developing cardiovascular diseases as compared to the subject who ate less than one egg per week.  Furthermore, the studies indicated that consuming eggs on a regular basis brought out a significant increase in the development of new-onset diabetes mellitus.

As a conclusion, the authors said that the value of egg white remains to be unquestionable.  It is still an important source of protein that is excellent in quality.  However, egg yolks are another story.  The high levels of cholesterol present in an egg yolk is enough reason for it not to be eaten indiscriminately, especially by adults who are at risk for cardiovascular diseases.

The Egg in Focus:  Why You Should Not Stop Eating Eggs

The result of the review is enough reason for you to back down on eating eggs, stop altogether and look for other sources of protein.  WRONG.  Truth of the matter is, the egg is one of the best sources of high-quality, low-cost protein, supplying 11.1 percent of a person’s daily needs.  But this does not mean that we can all simply discount the findings of the study and consider it as untrue.  What the study was trying to tell us is that, everything should be done in moderation.  Too much of something is bad, and in this case, too eating too much whole eggs (the white and the yolk) is not advised, most especially for people who are at high risk for diseases of the heart.

Eating whole eggs, especially organic ones, does wonders for the body.  This may be the perfect time to weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of eating eggs.

Eggs Boost Brain Health

One of the health benefits of eggs is their role in one’s diet as a good source of choline, an important component in body structures such as cell membranes as it maintains the cell’s integrity and flexibility.  Choline is also needed for the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that transmits messages to and from cells, especially in the brain. Sufficient amounts of choline allows proper functioning of the brain cells, helping improve one’s thinking, memory, judgment and other brain functions.

Although the human body is capable of producing choline, it cannot produce sufficient levels enough for the body’s use.  Lack of choline may cause deficiency in folic acid, another form of vitamin B that is critical for one’s health.

Eggs Reduces Inflammation

Again, the choline found in eggs are responsible for reducing the levels of inflammatory markers inside the body.  This is according to a study conducted by Greek researchers , the result of which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. For subjects whose diets were supplemented with choline and its betaine metabolite, the levels of inflammatory markers such as tumour necrosis factor alpha, C-reactive protein, and interleukin-6 were 20 percent lower compared to the subjects with low intake. These inflammatory markers have been linked to various conditions which includes type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline, osteoporosis and heart disease.

According to the study, the richest source of choline is found in the egg yolk.

Eggs Help in Losing Weight

A controlled, randomized trial involving 160 obese and overweight men and women was conducted by Dhurandhar and company.  The participants were divided into two groups:  one group was given breakfast with two eggs, and the other group was given a bagel for breakfast. The amount of calories was calculated in order to ensure that both groups receive the same amount of calories. The study was conducted for a period of 8 weeks, where the participants had to eat their assigned breakfast menu 5 days a week.

After the 8-week period, results showed that the egg-eaters lost weight, two times more than their bagel-eating counterparts.  They also had an 83 percent reduction in waist circumference, and they reported better energy levels.

Eggs are good for the Eyes

Egg yolks contain large amounts of carotenoids, specifically zeaxanthin and lutein.  Studies have shown that increased dietary intake of zeaxanthin and lutein is linked to a significant reduction in the risk for developing age-related macular degeneration and cataract. The studies were conducted by at the University of Massachusetts.

Eggs help prevent Blood Clots

According to a study that was published in Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin, proteins contained in egg yolk are responsible for inhibiting the aggregation of platelets.  It also prolongs fibrinogen to fibrin conversion time thereby reducing the possibility of blood clot formation.  Blood clots pose as a health threat when it impedes blood circulation.


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