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December 2022
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Eat Your Way to a Diabetes-Free Life

Oranges are Rich in Vitamin C The Archives of Internal Medicine recently published a study in which Vitamin C was used as a preventative measure against Type 2 diabetes. The study was performed by the Institute of Metabolic Science at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in England. Its focus was of middle-aged and older participants and how Vitamin C would affect their risk through the consumption of a diet high in fruits and vegetables, which are full of the important nutrient.

The researchers gathered 21,831 participants between the ages of forty and seventy-five.  The men and women were all given a clean bill of health after being asked to divulge detailed information regarding both their medical history and their personal lifestyle choices.  Blood samples were also taken in order to determine their Vitamin C levels at the beginning of the study. Then they were all asked to simply live their lives with the addition of a Vitamin C filled diet in order to possibly prevent the development of Type 2 diabetes.

The findings showed that out of the massive number of participants only 423 men and 312 women were diagnoses with Type 2 diabetes, which is 3.2 percent.  The researchers concluded that one would be 62 percent less likely to risk getting the disease if they maintained high levels of Vitamin C than someone only getting very small amounts in their diet.

The team believes this study to be solid enough for “persuasive evidence of a beneficial effect of Vitamin C and fruit and vegetable intake on diabetes risk.”  In a society where unhealthy and processed foods are a staple to the overall diet, it is important to truly look at this study and others like it.  Maintaining a healthy diet has been proven to provide many benefits regarding health and yet the population chooses to casually ignore it so they can feel better about “super sizing” their already massive fast food orders.  

If we could just learn to pick up an apple instead of a cookie, we would all reap the benefits.  Vitamin C filled foods do not only help with Type 2 diabetes, but also protects the body from heart disease and cancer, holds bone cells together, and maintains both healthy gums and the immune system.  All these life extending benefits are so easily gained through a better diet and lifestyle choices.

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