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December 2022
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Autism on the Rise

CDC’s New Numbers Indicate Autism Affects 1 in 110 Children

With 1 in 110 kids having autism, early detection is crucial to their treatment and their leading as normal a life as possible.

With 1 in 110 kids having autism, early detection is crucial to their treatment and their leading as normal a life as possible.

You’ve seen the commercial.  The one where the narrator gives the chances your child makes it as a professional baseball player, astronaut, ballerina, or some other hoity-toity career title.  Then she gives the sobering static for the chances your child gets autism:  1 in 166.

As shockingly high that risk is, it’s got nothin’ on the latest stat.  The CDC now says that autism affects an astounding one in 110 children!

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects the way children communicate with the outside world.  The symptoms of it—e.g. aggressive behavior, throwing tantrums, inability to interact with others, repeating words over and over, being oblivious to dangerous situations—cost parents thousands of dollars annually in treatment for a disorder that remains enigmatic.  The only thing that is known for sure is that its impact varies from person to person and its genesis is believed to derive from genetic mutations in the brain formed at birth.

The fact that autism is increasing so rapidly—a 1,148 percent growth rate—suggests that environmental factors may be to blame as well.  Perhaps the prevalence of chemicals and additives in our foods?  Maybe.  Overexposure to lead and mercury from tuna fish?  A definite potential culprit.

Whatever the causes are, it’s important to be aware of the symptoms of autism because early diagnosis is crucial.  There’s no known cure for autism, but early detection allows professionals and supplements the ability to better treat a brain that’s not fully formed.  Early diagnosis can help the autism-affected brain learn how to better cope with the disease so it doesn’t affect their adult life as much as it would were they to be diagnosed late.

There are many signs and symptoms of autism, but some of the most common ones include repeating the same words over and over, arm-flapping, avoiding social interactions, avoiding eye contact, fascination with parts of things (e.g.  a spoke on bicycle wheel), throwing tantrums, odd forms of play, and not wanting to be touched.

Because autism is a disease that affects the brain and its development, be on the lookout for supplements that promote blood flow and oxygenation to the brain.  These include dimethylglycine and choline.  Both improve brain function and oxygen circulation.

For vitamins, vitamin B complex has proven helpful.  Besides the fact that it improves circulation to the brain, vitamin B complex helps the body better absorb nutrients.  Past studies have shown that kids with autism often have gastrointestinal disorders, and vitamin B improved their ability to digest foods more easily.

Because autism forms early in life, recommended doses should be halved if the child is between six and 12, be three-quarters of the recommended amount if they’re between 12 and 17, and be one-quarter of the amount if they’re under six.

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