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February 2024
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Cosmetic Surgical Procedure Is On The Rise

The crazed desire to lose weight and change appearances as easily & quickly as possible has people everywhere turning to cosmetic surgery, which is on the rise.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) says in 2006, the use of liposuction in the U.K. increased by 90 percent. In general, cosmetic surgeries rose by 31 percent, to almost 29,000.

The Harley Medical Group however says these numbers are way off. They claim that the total number of operations actually exceeded 90,000.

For those of you who don’t know, liposuction is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which unwanted fat is sucked out of certain areas of the body where a person feels they are holding too much weight like the thighs or abdomen.

Douglas McGeorge, president of BAAPS says the rise in people’s choice to undergo liposuction is related to the fact that the procedure has become more socially acceptable. “People don’t feel as bad about having cosmetic surgery as they did. The techniques are tried and tested and the results are predictable” he said.

I think McGeorge was right on the money when he said “It is not an alternative to dieting,”. “It works best on someone who is happy with their tummy, say, but has … thighs which you can reshape. If someone is three stone (40 pounds) overweight and wants liposuction to deal with the problem, I tell them to go away.”

It saddens me to see people resorting to risky medical procedures to improve themselves. There are people being rushed to emergency rooms every second in need of surgical procedures that could save their lives. But these situations are often a matter of life & death. Why put yourself at risk of going through surgical complications as well as a painful recovery just to lose some weight?

It’s a waste of time and money anyway because even if the fat is removed in one area of the body, it will surface in another part. Then what do you do, head to the surgeon every time you gain few pounds?

The bottom line is this. Sometimes the best things in life don’t come easily, you have to work for them. Rather than resorting to the knife, try hitting the gym and a healthy diet. Not only will you see physical results, but you’ll improve your overall health. Plus, you’ll feel a sense of pride from your accomplishments. Oh and you’ll have that $10,000 you would have wasted on the surgery sitting in the bank!

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