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June 2022
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Research Shows Grape Seed Extract Fights Cancer Cells

Cancer Cell In the January issue of Clinical Cancer Research, a study involving grape seed extract and leukemia cells has been published, which shows amazing results implying a link between grape seeds and cancer elimination.
Conducted by researchers from the University of Kentucky, an in-lab experiment of leukemia cells were exposed to grape seed extract. More than three-quarters of the cells then died within 24 hours. Other cells remained unharmed.  

The findings indicated that grape seed extract activates a protein, JNK, that regulates the cell-signaling pathway, which leads to apoptosis – cell death. Although the research remains preliminary, the implications are that grape seed extract may be considered for inclusion into cancer prevention or treatment, especially hematological malignancies.

It remains too early to declare that grape seed extract is chemo-protective.

The grape seeds used in the experiment were commercially available grape seed extracts. Different doses were used and the higher doses caused apoptosis in the leukemia cells, whilst normal cells were unharmed.

When an agent was added, however, to inhibit the JNK protein, the grape seed extract was ineffective. Genetic engineering attempts to inhibit the JNK protein was also ineffective when experimented together with grape seed extract.

Other research has also indicated significant implications between eating more fruits and vegetables and reduction of tumors, as well as prevention of tumor re-growth.

Grape seed extract, especially, has also been found in previous research to be associated with reduction of certain tumors.

Other known benefits of grape seed extract include assistance with heart conditions, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, poor circulation, diabetes, nerve and eye damage, muscular degeneration and swelling from injuries or surgery.

Research has shown that grape seed extract is so beneficial due to its abundance in antioxidants.

The National Cancer Institute is currently funding further research into grape seed extract and its effectiveness in preventing breast and prostate cancers.

In clinical trial environments, grape seed extract has been used safely for up to 8 weeks.

By Nicole Chiu – Contributing Health Journalist

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