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April 2021
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Vitamin K Blocks Calcium Buildup and Reduces Existing Calcification, Study Shows

According to a study published in the April 1st issue of Blood, the journal of the American Society of Hematology, vitamin K blocks new arterial calcium buildup and can also reduce existing levels of calcification by 37 percent.

Leon Schurgers and his team of researchers at Maastricht University conducted the study.

“Given that arterial calcifications are predictive of cardiovascular events, regression of arterial calcification may help reduce the risk of death in people with chronic kidney disease and coronary artery disease,” wrote lead author Leon Schurgers.

The study – which was conducted by Leon Schurgers and his team of researchers at Maastricht University – involved 10-week old male Wistar Kyoto rats that were fed a diet containing the blood thinner warfarin to induce buildup of calcium.

The animals were then separated into four groups: One of which was given warfarin, while the other three were taken off the drug. Then various doses of vitamin K was given to the animals that were warfarin-free K. According to the researchers, arterial calcium levels continued to increase even after warfarin administration ended in the normal dose Vitamin K group.

“In contrast, high-vitamin K intake (both K1 and K2) not only blocked the progress of further calcium accumulation but also lead to a greater than 37 percent reduction of previously accumulated arterial calcium precipitates within six weeks,”  said the researchers.

The results of these studies are important for people who take blood-thinning drugs, which by inactivating a protein called matrix GLA, or MGP (a potent inhibitor of calcification) are known to induce arterial calcification. Vitamin K is essential for MGP activation.

“The medical community now recognizes that vitamin K-dependent MGP plays an essential role in promoting cardiovascular health,” said Schurgers, “Our study shows that in an animal model, vitamin K can actually regress preformed calcifications. The health implications for humans are significant.”

Frank Mangano’s commentary:

Vitamin K’s many benefits have been once again demonstrated through this study. It is also essential for bone formation and repair. Some good sources of vitamin K include asparagus, cabbage, cauliflower, soybeans, olives, broccoli, brussels sprouts and spinach.

On another note, what’s funny is how these medical experts know that one sure-fire way to cause calcification in the arteries is to use a dangerous blood thinner (warfarin) yet most people in the medical community choose to ignore this fact until it’s time for an experiment.

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