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February 2024
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Consumption of Processed Meats INCREASES The Risk of Developing Stomach Cancer…

If you love your bacon and sausage for breakfast, salami, ham, and smoked or cured meats for lunch and lots of hot dogs for dinner, then you should be aware of a recent study that concluded the risk of developing stomach cancer increases by between 15 and 38 per cent when you consume 30 grams of processed meat per day.

The study was published in Wednesday’s issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute by Susanna Larsson of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, and her colleagues. They reviewed 15 studies on stomach cancer and processed meats including bacon, sausage, hot dogs, salami, ham, and smoked or cured meat.

“Findings were most consistent for bacon consumption,” the team stated.

“Nobody had carried out this type of analysis into processed meats and stomach cancer,” Larsson said in a release.

“Our results … show very clearly that there is an association between increased consumption of processed meat products and stomach cancer.”

No surprise here folks. Processed meats are salted, smoked or contain nitrites which are added to extend shelf-life. Nitrites can be converted in the stomach to carcinogenic nitrosamines, which may increase the risk of stomach cancer. As if this isn’t enough, nitrites or nitrates are also responsible for the growing number of diabetes cases in New Zealand, where in the last 20 years incidence of type 1 diabetes has doubled.

Auckland University scientist Dr Shiva Reddy said his research on mice strongly supported the theory that nitrates caused some type 1 diabetes.

I highly recommend a diet which consists of huge quantities of fruits and vegetables and completely free of processed meats. If you do decide to indulge in processed meats at times, be sure to consume adaquate amounts of vitamin C and phytochemicals, which reduce the conversion of nitrites to nitrosamines.

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