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April 2024
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The Essential Mineral Zinc Aids In Artery Cleaning, Study Concludes

Are you getting a sufficient daily intake of zinc?

Further evidence that zinc can help preserve the health of the heart was revealed during a study evaluating the relation of zinc to fighting athlerosclerosis.

The study, which was conducted by scientists at the National University of Singapore, involved two sets of white New Zealand rabbits that were tested by being fed a high-cholesterol diet over an eight week period. One group however, was also fed zinc supplements.

Researchers concluded that while an increased intake of zinc had no effect on the amount of cholesterol in blood, it greatly impacted the reduction of the amount of buildup on arterial walls from old cholesterol. Simply put, zinc was helping clean out the rabbits’ arteries.

If you don’t know by now, it is essential to keep the arteries free of cholesterol “debris” as a severe heart attack or stroke can occur if an artery becomes completely blocked.

The RDA for Zinc is 15 mg per day. In my opinion, the RDA simply isn’t enough for essential nutrients.

The zinc requirement for vegetarians may be substantially higher than the RDA because they are likely to absorb less zinc because their diet doesn’t include meat. Nutritional supplements will help meet this need.

Aside from helping clean the arteries, this essential mineral can aid in treating many conditions such as macular degeneration, depression, colitis, acne & the common cold. It also has powerful antioxidant properties.

Some foods to consider include fish, oysters, lima beans, mushrooms, lentils, Brazil nuts, almonds, whole grains and, to a much lesser extent, other foods like animal meat.

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