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February 2024
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Essential Trace Mineral May Help Slow HIV Advancement…

Research by the University of Miami concludes that the mineral selenium may be an effective weapon against HIV. Supplementing with selenium on a daily basis seems to keep HIV under control and strengthen the immune system at the same time.

A double-blind study of 262 HIV patients, which divided patients into two groups was performed. One group received the supplements, while the others received placebos. Those taking the 200 micrograms of high-selenium yeast each day fought the disease much better. Nine months later, when the study was completed, each patient was given a comprehensive medical exam. The patients who took selenium on a daily basis had a lower amount of the HIV virus in their bloodstream as well as better immune cell counts compared to those who took the placebos instead.

This may be news to some but it’s actually no surprise to me. Every condition under the sun can be controlled through natural supplements, without medications.

Big Pharma of course would have you think other wise. Why? Because they make money in two ways.

The first is by you being sick.

The second is through the fear that unsuspecting customer has about what may happen if they don’t take their drugs.

That fear, drives most people to the pharmacy with prescriptions ready to be filled. It acts as a catalyst to drive revenue for these drug companies.

Selenium’s strong antioxidant properties may help reverse damage that HIV does to the immune system.

While more research is still needed to conclude the overall impact selenium has on people with the HIV virus, this type of exposure definately helps educate people who think prescription medication is their only hope for help.

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