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October 2020
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Boost your Brain Activity with the Coffee Aroma

Coffee Many people have believed for years that drinking coffee first thing in the morning and breathing in the rich aroma was enough to get them going for the day. Today a recent study not only supports this theory but states that simply inhaling the fragrance of freshly brewed coffee is enough to jump start certain genes within our brains. In an experiment done with
laboratory rats, the aroma of coffee promoted the activity of more than 100 genes within the brain and some changed in protein expressions as well. This allows a reduction of stress, which is caused by lack of sleep. Although there have been hundreds of studies done on the health benefits of coffee, this is the first one to study the pure aroma of coffee.

In our society, sleep deprivation is becoming a way of life and because of this; studies are constantly being conducted to find a solution to this problem, which does not include slowing down our lifestyles. When we are short on sleep it is fair to say that we are more likely to be stressed during the day and this study is taking this common occurrence to a scientific level. The researchers within this project allowed lab rats to inhale coffee bean aroma and tested their results. One group was left without the influence of coffee aroma. The results showed that 17 of the genes within the brain showed different expressions than the rats who did not inhale coffee bean aroma.

When it comes to drinking coffee, there are many health benefits that can be associated with this brewed beverage including:

-Control of asthma

-Reduce the risk of colon cancer with 2 or more cups per day

-Decrease your risk of gall stones

-Cures certain types of headaches

-Reduce your risk of Parkinson’s by 80%

There are many different reasons to drink coffee, although you will find some reports that state drinking coffee is actually bad for your health; this is another controversial subject in the medical world. There are health benefits with drinking coffee but there are health risks if you drink too much coffee. This is where a happy medium comes in to play. You want to drink coffee consistently at 2-3 cups per day. Many people take studies like this and choose to drink entire brews of coffee in order to get the health benefits but this is not necessary, in fact it is more harmful than beneficial.

Watch for more and more follow-up studies to this research so you can learn the dosages of coffee, which should be consumed in order to boost the function of your brain.

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