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February 2024
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Can You Be Literally Bored to Death?

Bored Stiff? If So, You May Be Shortening Your Lifespan

University College researchers find that bored people tend to die younger.

“I’m bored.”

It’s the age-old phrase that every one of us has uttered at least once in our life, most likely escaping our lips in our younger years. To be honest, I don’t know how anybody could be bored, especially in today’s era, as there has never been more things to occupy someone’s time every moment of the live-long day (i.e. iPods, television, video games, books, newspapers, magazines, work, exercise, cell phones, blackberries etc.).

Nevertheless, feeling bored may be bad for your health by shortening your life span.

As it turns out, you really can be “bored to death.”

Researchers from University College in London discovered this after reviewing 7,500 questionnaires that were taken between 1985 and 1988 by men and women between the ages of 35 and 55.  Part of the questionnaire asked how often they felt bored while at work over the past 30 days.

Twenty-one years later, the researchers sought out the people that filled out these questionnaires.  Amazingly, those that reported being bored the most often were two and a half times more likely to have died from a heart-related problem like cardiovascular disease or a heart attack.

But researchers don’t think it’s boredom, in and of itself, that leads to a shortened lifespan.  Rather it’s the activities people turn to when their bored that leads to a shortened life lifespan, like binge drinking, drug abusing, and cigarette smoking.

So, does this mean that being bored seals your fate for an early grave?  Certainly not.  Everybody gets bored now and then.  But if you find that you’re feeling bored all the time (“I have 100 TV channels and there’s nothing on!”), then you might want to re-assess your life.

Start analyzing why it is that you’re bored.  Are you putting too little on your plate?  Are you too focused on yourself?  You’d be surprised how enriched your life can become by reaching out to other people who need help.  Serving others has a way of melting away your own concerns, as you become re-focused on the more meaningful aspects of why we’re all here:  to help others.

Do you have a hobby?  Starting a hobby should not, and is not, the sole proprietorship of kids.  What are you truly passionate about?  Whatever it is—stamps, puzzles, comic books, fishing, computers, baseball memorabilia, knick-knacks—seek out as much information as you can on it and make it your own.

I hate to sound cruel, but if you’re bored, I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for you.  There are so many things to take advantage of and it all starts with you.

In short, if you’re feeling bored, you’re not…but you are boring!  Become exciting by ridding yourself of this toxic state of mind.


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