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February 2020
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Kids’ Social Health Is Tobacco’s Latest Victim

German Study Ties Tobacco Use to Impaired Social Function in Kids

2009 was a banner year for the tobacco industry.  Perhaps this latest study regarding tobacco's negative health effects will make 2010 their worst year yet.

2009 was a banner year for the tobacco industry. Perhaps this latest study regarding tobacco's negative health effects will make 2010 their worst year yet.

If you hate smoking as much as I do, the year 2009 couldn’t come to an end soon enough.  That’s because 2009 was a banner year for the cigarette industry.

As I recently reported on Natural News, smoking in the year 2009 made a bit of a comeback.  Unlike 2008, when the rate of smoking in the country hit an historic low, the smoking rate increased.

Now, granted, the increase wasn’t significant (from 20 percent to 21 percent) but with all we know about the negative health effects of tobacco, why would people even consider starting?

Here’s the latest example of why it’s such a mystery.

According to a recently published report in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, children who are exposed to tobacco smoke either in the womb or during the first stages of life are more likely to develop an array of behavioral problems by the time they reach fourth grade.

The study involved the questioning of the mothers of 6,000 children.  It was a carefully questioned questionnaire that tried to eliminate as many potential biases and circumstances that can influence a child’s social development.  Simon Ruckinger, the study’s lead author from the University of Munich, made it a point of emphasizing this fact.

Based on the mothers’ responses of their children’s social health and whether or not they smoked during pregnancy and/or after giving birth (or whether they smoked at all), children were almost two times more likely to have a social interaction disorder.  This was true for the women who smoked during pregnancy; the rate was only slightly lower for women who smoked during the child’s first years of life.  For them, the rate of behavioral problems in kids was approximately 1.3 times higher compared to non-smokers.

The physical development risks tobacco exposes babies to are well-documented, but this is one of the first studies to firmly establish the link between antisocial behavior and tobacco exposure.

Hopefully this finding will lead the estimated 15 percent of women—15 percent!—to think twice before lighting up.

But as with any addiction, smoking is very difficult to stop, even when the health consequences are so apparent.  The brain knows that it’s bad for you, but the tobacco-addicted mind can’t quite make the connection.

There’s no shortage of ways to kick the habit, but as you work at, it’s advisable to take some herbs and supplements that help cleanse the body of the toll tobacco puts on the body.  This is especially important if you’re pregnant!

Cayenne, the spicy ingredient found in chili and jalapeno peppers, often induces perspiration.  Perspiration naturally cleanses the body of toxins.  Another natural “perspirant-inducer” is ginger.

And as far as cleansing your blood of toxins, burdock root and red clover help with this.  The principle use of burdock root is for blood detoxification, in fact.

Balch, Phyllis.  “Prescription for Nutritional Healing.”  4th Ed.  2006.  New York:  Avery

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