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March 2023
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Archive for 'Exercise'

Reducing Cigarette Cravings Just a Walk Away (Literally)

Moderate Bouts of Exercise Reduces Cigarette Cravings, Study Finds From patches to hypnosis, gum to acupuncture, people have tried anything and everything to quit smoking. But the best help yet may be found at your local gym, your local park or in your backyard. According to researchers from the University of Exeter, getting out and [...]

Exercise May Exorcise Radiation Damage

Exercise Improves Brain Function in Rats Treated with Radiation, Say Duke Researchers Ladies and gentlemen, as much as I’ve discussed exercise and its healing power, there’s yet another aspect to it that can’t go unmentioned:  It may reverse the damage that results from radiation treatments. As has been documented here, I’m not crazy about traditional [...]

Get Rhythm!

The Impact of Music on Exercise Performance There are necessities to every workout.  Willpower?  Check.  Quality sneakers?  Absolutely.  Shirt and shorts?  Most definitely. There’s one more thing, though, that I’m convinced is a necessity:  Music. Now, this may sound absurd, the notion that you need music to exercise.  But when I say “need,” I mean [...]

Slowing the Pace of Muscle Waste

Despite Age, Weight Training Slows Muscle Loss The noted poet Robert Frost once said, “In three words, I can sum up everything I know about life:  It goes on.” How true.  No matter our condition, no matter how difficult or easy our circumstances are, life continues on. Perhaps the best illustration of this truism is [...]

Walking Away from Temptation

Study:  Chocoholics Reduce Cravings with 15-Minute Walk “Sometimes the best way to avoid unnecessary confrontation is to walk away.”  This pearl of wisdom is often given to kids frustrated by bullying class mates. But the same principle applies to foods that frustrate a person’s diet. When it comes to food, all of us have weaknesses:  [...]

Great Com’bone’ation

Study:  Together, Antioxidants and Exercise Fight Osteoporosis When it comes to bone health, we typically think of two nutrients that are particularly bone-friendly:  calcium and vitamin D.  But the results of a new study should cause the mind to think of a new bone-building bloc:  antioxidants and exercise. A recent report from a Canadian university [...]

Lyin’ Headline

Untangling Misleading Headline that Says Exercise Doesn’t Rev Metabolism If a Web site headline could be given a fine by the Newspaper Police for misleading the public, the amount collected on this one would be enough to save the dying newspaper business:   “Exercise not likely to rev up your metabolism.” In January, I wrote an [...]

I’ll See You, ICU

Exercise Benefits Even the Critically Ill “Is it all worth it?” An older gentleman friend of mine said this to me at the gym today, wondering whether all the effort he’s put in at the gym over the years will amount to anything. Joe is a bit overweight, so this is no doubt the reason [...]

Anti Antioxidant

German Study Pooh-Poohs Antioxidant Benefits There’s no news like bad news, and once again, the media have illustrated this axiomatic truth. For years, I and others in the natural health world have written about the array of benefits antioxidants provide the body.  How antioxidants neutralize free radicals, how they diminish the risk of an assortment [...]

Exercise Keeps Elderly Standing Tall

Kiwi Researchers Find Exercising Prevents Elderly from Falls It’s a line that ought to be canonized in the annals of the Advertising Hall of Fame.  “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” When the distressed woman and the company behind the commercial first hit the TV box, her dire call was considered humorous rather than [...]

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