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February 2024
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Suffering in Loudness

Report:  94 Percent of Tinnitus Sufferers Told to ‘Deal with It’

Let the bells ring out in gladness:  Tinnitus can be treated and can be won!

Let the bells ring out in gladness: Tinnitus can be treated and can be won!

When our twentysomething sons and daughters head off to war, we all want them to return safely and without incident.  And while thousands have returned from fighting with little to no damage done to them, physically or mentally, there’s one condition that an overwhelming number have reported experiencing.  It’s called tinnitus, or a ringing in the ears.  And for 75 percent of the men and women back from the Middle East, the ringing is constant and unrelenting.

The stubborn ringing can develop in any number of ways, often by people who are around high noise zones like rock concerts, music halls, construction zones, or in the soldiers’ cases, war zones.  But tinnitus is not the sole proprietorship of noisome neighborhoods.  It can also develop in noiseless neighborhoods, like libraries, abandoned parking lots or secluded hideaways.

In other words, tinnitus can develop any time, any where.  But for a shockingly high number of people, tinnitus is a condition that they’re told to simply “deal with.”

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Nursing, a whopping 94 percent of people with tinnitus are not given any recourse whatsoever.  Doctors simply tell them that there’s nothing they can do, essentially abandoning them like they’re a ship without a port, a seaman without a paddle.

Researchers and doctors discovered this disturbing trend after reviewing over 150 papers on tinnitus and its victims since 1983.  Besides the fact that there’s been an increase in the number of people getting tinnitus since 1983, what was particularly galling was that so many were left without any recourse.  In short, they were told to simply “deal with it.”

Real nice.

Where there has been advancement in tinnitus research is its possible causes.  For instance, it was once believed that tinnitus resulted from nerve damage in the ear itself, but recent studies suggest that the problem may originate in the brain.

This is all well and good for bookworms and lovers of all things science, but it does absolutely nothing for the 20 percent of Americans that have it, a pittance of whom seek treatment (With 94 percent of people being told that nothing can be done for them, it’s hard to blame them).

Well, I’m here to tell you that tinnitus is absolutely treatable!  The fact that so many people with tinnitus have been told that nothing can be done for them is discouraging for me and I don’t even have tinnitus.  You can imagine how it must feel for those that have tinnitus.  Discouragement breeds stress, and stress is one of the many things that exacerbate tinnitus conditions.

To discover more about tinnitus and how you can overcome it, please read my latest report on tinnitus.  It’s an all-natural approach to treating one of the world’s most common conditions, and I’m confident that it can work for you.


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