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September 2023
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Not-So-Stiff Drink?

Could Chemicals in Bottled Water Lead to Impotence?

BPA is back in the news.  Chinese researchers find the bottled water chemical may be linked to male impotence.

BPA is back in the news. Chinese researchers find the bottled water chemical may be linked to male impotence.

Hey, fellas:  Want another reason why you should opt for the tap over the bottle for water?  The chemicals in those bottles may lead to impotence.

The chemicals linking impotence to bottle-swilling are those three letters that hit the news headlines about a year and a half ago:  BPA, or bisphenol-A.  As you may remember, the report linked high levels of BPA with increased risk for developing metabolic syndrome and poor brain health, particularly poor brain development for newborns.

Now, fortunately, most bottling companies took this issue seriously and stopped making their bottles with bisphenol-A.  But apparently some bottling companies in China didn’t get the memo.

Publishing his findings in the journal Human Reproduction, Dr. De-Kun Li found that among men that were around bisphenol-A due to the nature of their jobs, their BPA levels were 50 – 50! – times higher than the BPA levels found in the typical American male.

Researchers analyzed the blood and urine samples of over 150 male factory workers and assessed the level of their BPA exposure through air measurements.

After asking several questions pertaining to their sexual health, they found that the men with the highest BPA levels were far more likely to report having poor sexual health.  For example, compared to the 386 other male participants of the study that were not around factories that produce BPA (but were in the same town), they were four times more likely to report being unable to achieve or maintain an erection, four times more likely to have a low libido and seven times more likely to have trouble ejaculating!

Now, as this study makes clear, the bisphenol-A levels the study participants were exposed to was in the air, not through the consumption of water from water bottles.  Nevertheless, this kind of effect is enough to give me pause to want to drink from any bottle that contains bisphenol-A, no matter how little it may be.  Especially when I can get my water from the tap for free!

Sure, our bodies may be able to function fine when there are low levels of bisphenol-A in our system, but as a doctor said in a past segment about BPA on the “Today” show, there’s no such thing as a safe level of BPA.

For this and other reasons that you can read about here, it’s best to get your water from the glass.  If your water is unsafe to drink without a filter, here’s the perfect fix.


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