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June 2023
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To Drop Weight, Juicing’s Great

Study: Participants Dropped Four Pounds with Vegetable Juice and Low-Calorie Diet

Lack of sleep can endanger your health,  includinging increased diabetes risk.

Juicing fresh vegetables contributes to healthy weight loss.

I’m not much of a juicer.  And by “juicer,” I’m not referring to the “juice” that’s become synonymous with steroids and human growth hormone (I think you probably already knew that, though).  I’m talking the traditional juice, the kind that the juiceman himself, Jay Kordich, used to extol in his infomercials.

It’s not that I don’t like vegetable juice.  Quite the contrary.  I drink vegetable juice, I just don’t do drink it very often because I like to eat my vegetables more than I like to drink them.  I make time to eat them, in other words.

For many others, though, they don’t have the time to eat the amount of vegetables recommended for their diet because they’re always on the go, go, go.  For these people, juicing is really the way to go.  And if you’re looking to lose weight, again, juicing is really the way to go.  At least that’s what a new study from Baylor College of Medicine says (funded in part by the Campell Soup Company).

The study involved 81 adults with metabolic syndrome, which is an umbrella term used for people with a host of health ailments, like abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension and unhealthy cholesterol level discrepancies (e.g. high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol).

The participants were already on a low-calorie diet, but when researchers had half of them consume an eight-ounce glass of a low sodium vegetable juice every day for 12 weeks (presumably from V-8, considering they’re the ones that funded the study), half of the participants lost an average of four pounds.

Guess which half lost the weight?

Now, as you probably already know, I’m not a huge fan of V-8 juice.  Sure, they produce a fine product and it’s much better to drink a V-8 juice than it is to drink an empty calorie, nutrient-robbing can of soda, but their juices are very high in sodium.  A 12-ounce can of regular V-8 juice has about 1,000 milligrams of sodium – about half of what’s recommended for a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet!

True, this study used V-8’s low sodium variety – which has a much more reasonable 210 milligrams in a 12-ounce can – but you can reduce your sodium content even further by doing it the old-fashioned way:  juicing from home with organic vegetables.

It’s no coincidence that this study involved a low sodium vegetable juice.  If it had involved their full sodium version, I’m quite certain they wouldn’t have seen such drops in weight.  And as I make clear in other articles and my book, The Blood Pressure Miracle, high sodium diets are tied to weight gain.

Imagine how much weight could have been lost among these 81 participants had they gone the traditional route?

The point is, get your vegetables into your system any way you can, either eaten or juiced straight from the vegetable source itself.  If the juice isn’t salty enough for your taste, toss in a few pinches of organic sea salt.  It will increase the sodium level, but the sodium from this salt is a much healthier brand of salt than the table salts juicing companies use.

And you don’t have to take that advice with a grain of salt; you can take it to the bank!


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