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June 2024
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Two Countries, Same Ethnicity, Different Diets: Despite Shared Ethnicity, Country Dwelling Leads to Different Eats, Health Conditions

Fish- Good Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids When people from other countries decide to immigrate to America – the most prosperous and opportunity-filled country in the world – they take a portion of their country life along with them. Whether it’s their language, their societal norms or their average diet, America has a splash of every culture mixed in to its proverbial melting pot. 

But according to a new study, some immigrants – as well as those native to America but with lineage ties to foreign countries – aren’t adopting their native country’s dietary norms into their lives while in America. Allow me to elaborate…

According to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, the prevalence of atherosclerosis among middle-aged men from Japan, middle-aged men from America and Japanese-American middle aged men is decidedly different.  The researchers found that Americans and Japanese Americans are suffering from atherosclerosis in far greater numbers than men in Japan.  Why?  They think it has everything to do with the amount of fish that’s eaten in Japan compared to here in the States.

When the researchers began their study, they enlisted the help of random participants, but all were from certain areas of the world and with certain ethnicities.  For example, while 868 participants took part in the study, about 280 of them were from a town in Japan called Kusatsu, another 281 participants recruited were all fourth generation Japanese Americans from Honolulu, Hawaii, and 306 participants were from towns in and around Pittsburgh Steeler country, Allegheny County.

The researchers found that when they analyzed the participants’ blood samples, the Japanese men from Japan had much higher omega-3 fatty acid levels than the other men – two times the amount, in fact.  Omega-3s are believed to be the antidote in preventing atherosclerosis – artery clogging material that blocks the blood vessels, often leading to stroke or heart attack.  Previous studies have elicited similar conclusions, but they were all unclear as to what attributed to the discrepancy.  After controlling for variations, the researchers believe the omega-3s found in fish is the beneficial ingredient that’s led to markedly low rates of coronary heart disease in Japan compared to America.

This study leaves an interesting question that social scientists might want to ruminate over:  What is it about America that influences Japanese Americans to abandon their home country’s love of fish (studies suggest that the Japanese eat an average of 3 oz. of fish per day, compared to the average American eating just 2 oz. of fish a week)?  Of course, many factors must be considered before this question can be answered.  But this is a question better left to the social scientists, anyway, so I’ll leave it be for now.
In the meantime, if you’re not a fan of fish, you can still get the benefits of its nutritional value through supplementation.  And when it comes to fish, the best aspect of it is, of course, its high omega-3 content.   You therefore want to find a good fish oil supplement to fully reap the benefits of omega-3.  There are several good options to choose from, but my favorite is Carlson’s Liquid Fish Oil.  They’re very well known and you should be able to find them in any nutritional store or vitamin shop near you or online.  Whether it’s in liquid form or soft gel form, make supplementing with Carlson’s a part of your daily routine – your heart will thank you.

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