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June 2024
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Watermelon: The New Viagra?

Watermelon Everyone enjoys a nice cold slice of watermelon during the summer months of the year for picnics and barbeques but what you may not know is watermelons contain similar ingredients to Viagra. Recently, scientists from the Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center in College Station have found that watermelon can be used as a natural libido. As they continue to study this fruit in particular, it is no longer just “good” for you, there is a long list of different health benefits that can be obtained from watermelon alone; benefits we ignored in the past.

The health benefits are derived from phyto-nutrients, which are bioactive compounds that react accordingly with the human body. Within watermelon you will find lycopene, beta-carotene and citrulline. Each of these phyto-nutrients has their own health benefits but together in watermelon they provide the ability to relax the blood vessels in a similar fashion the popular prescription medication, Viagra can.

When you eat a piece of watermelon the phyto-nutrient citrulline is turned into arginine by the amino acids in your system. Arginine is an amino acid that has been long associated to heart health and a strong immune system. Aside from these health benefits, Arginine also has the ability to boost the nitric acid within your body, which therefore relaxes your blood vessels. Watermelon is a much more natural way to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Of course, Viagra may be more targeted to the specific organ than watermelon but the key to this information is watermelon is all-natural. This means no worries of side effects or increased risk of other conditions, which is often associated with prescription drugs.

It is so simple for men who experience erectile dysfunction to simply walk into the drug store and pay for a prescription medication. Viagra is seen all over the media in many different marketing forms and the benefits of watermelon are not widely known. When you have a health problem such as this, it is beneficial for you to take the time and research the natural solutions at your disposal. More times than not you will find there are dozens of natural ways you can cure and even prevent these health problems in the future.

We have spent too many years relying on prescription medications and now we are nervous to try what is 100% natural! Consider testing the abilities of watermelon stated in this study and get rid of your Viagra for good. Although watermelon is 92% water, that other 8% is full of the antioxidants, amino acids and natural nutrients you need to cure your erectile dysfunction, naturally.

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