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July 2020
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Acai Juice Work Wonders for the Joints

A new study conducted by the NIS Labs shows that acai juice intake is now being linked to reduced joint pain and improvements in the antioxidant levels in the blood.

The human body is composed of bones, specifically 206 for the adult body. These bones allow us to stand up straight since it serves as the frame work of the whole body. While these structures are important, the ability to move is just as essential. Every time we sit down, eat, exercise, play, and work, our body moves in different angles, ways and directions. A part of our body twists and folds and this is made possible by the joints located in the many parts of our body. Through our joints we can swivel, stretch and pivot because it allows movement in a certain spot.

The Pain of Joint Pains

Joint pain, or also called arthralgia, is a common health condition that can occur in not only one but also in other joints of the body, sometimes simultaneously. Most people point out that the reason for this kind of pain is because of old age. Though it may be directly related to aging, it can also be caused by serious conditions such as osteoarthritis (OA), where there is a degeneration of the cartilage in the joint and is very common in people older than 45 years old, and rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disorder that causes the immune system to attack the cartilage in the joints and could lead to stiffness and pain. Other common causes of joint pains include wear and tear, injury, fracture, sprain, and cartilage damage. Inflammation of the joint, metabolic disorders like gout and pseudo-gout, bone diseases, tumors and cancers near a joint can also produce joint pains.

Joint pains vary according to cause. Some will experience swelling and stiffness due to OA or RA. Joints that are affected may become swollen, red and very painful when touched and mobility of the joints becomes restricted because of the accompanying pain.

To keep the joints healthy and pain-free, living a healthy lifestyle and taking the right food is the best course to take especially those that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Exercise and meditation should be done regularly as well as precautions during vigorous activities. Wearing comfortable footwear will also keep your ankle joints healthy. Sitting at one place for 30 minutes should also be avoided and it is recommended that one take regular breaks as often as possible to stretch and to prevent stiffening of the joints.

Wonder of Acai

The Acai Palm is very common throughout northern South America, most especially along seasonal flood plains and in the river edges of Brazil. There, it is mostly widely distributed because of the numerous properties of the Acai fruit or the Acai berry. The Acai Palm produces a highly nutritious and edible berry 1-2 cm in diameter which comes from green to dark rich purple in color.

The Acai berry is considered as an herbal medicine by the Brazilians. Its oil is used to treat diarrhea and wash skin ulcers. The seeds are prepared for fevers. From the Acai berry also comes the Acai juice. It comes in a dark purple color extracted from the small round fruit. It is often served fresh and ice cold. It is a nourishing drink that is also used to produce mousses, liquor, ice cream and sweets.

It is no wonder that Acai berry and Acai juice are considered to be a treasure by those who drink it.  It is one of the most nutritious foods of the Amazon because it is rich with phytonutrients, as well as Vitamin B, minerals, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. The most abundant mineral found in Acai is potassium and that a small intake of it provides the body with more than what it needs. Acai berry is also rich in anthocyanins that are known to possess antioxidant activity. In a research known as French Paradox, it says that anthocyanins are the antioxidants that protect the French from heart disease. By the neutralization of free radicals, the Acai berry may actually help maintain healthy functioning of systems and organs.

However, there are a lot of circulating reports saying that this wonder berry is being used by scammers for easy money. A great deal of scammers nowadays are creating products with purple coloring and which tastes exactly the same as this wonder fruit, but does nothing to the body. If you are one of the people who are still interested in the health benefits provided by Acai berry, you need to be very cautious. Exercise caution and research a lot about the product, and only pick the ones that offer real Acai berry which can give you the full benefits that you deserve.

Acai Juice for Joints

A recent study has shown that a glass of Acai juice a day have been associated with reduced joint pains, alongside advanced antioxidant levels in the blood.

Consumption of 120 ml of Acai juice for twelve weeks were related to an increase in the antioxidant levels of 14 study participants and an improvement in physical well being according to results published in the Journal of Medicinal Foods.

14 old adults with varying degrees of joint pains were sought for the test by Dr. Jensen. Each of the 14 participants received 120 ml of Acai juice daily for a period of three months.

Dr. Gitte Jensen from NIS Labs in Oregon stated that the findings show a relationship between pain and antioxidant.

Specifically, results showed relief from pain and enhancement on the motion range in the spine and other extremities. Only two weeks from the starting period, antioxidant levels showed improvement and continued to rise throughout the 12 weeks of the study according to the researchers. However, no significant changes were reported to the inflammation marker, C-reactive protein.

Researchers from NIS Labs, Oregon-based Cascade Chiropractic and Rehabilitation and AIBMR Life Sciences performed the study which was funded by MonaVie LLC.

How to Promote Healthy Joints

Aside from Acai berry, here are other means to ensure that you keep your bones healthy:

  • Keep moving. Because joints are meant for movement, keeping these structures fixed for long periods of time can cause weakness of the muscles that surround them.
  • Lose the extra weight. Remember that those extra pounds can cause unnecessary stress to the joints and could lead to early wear and tear.
  • Observe proper posture. Something as simple as picking up an object from the floor can lead to joint pain if done in a wrong manner as this can strain ligaments or impinge nerves which would eventually lead to immobility and joint stiffening.
  • Take Supplements. Examples of supplements that promote joint health are Chondroitin and Glucosamine


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