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February 2024
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Osteoporosis Drugs Potentially Double Cancer Risks, A New Study Shows

Drugs for treating osteoporosis may double a person’s risk of developing cancer in the esophagus; as such, the use of safer and natural remedies must be considered.

It is hard to imagine how osteoporosis was once deemed to be a very rare disease — but it really was, before the turn of the 20th century. Now, the cases of this debilitating disorder has  been progressively increasing. In the US alone, osteoporosis reportedly affects around 30% of women in their postmenopausal stage, and 5% of old men.

Osteoporosis is conventionally treated through drugs. However, a recent study shows how particular treatment drugs can possibly pose more harm than remedies. Worse, the possible side effects of osteoporosis medications include a highly-fatal disease.

Long-term Use of Osteoporosis Drugs May Cause Cancer

Oral biophosphonate drugs, such as Achnonel, Boniva, and Fosamax, may cause the development of a life-threatening disease. The recent study shows that long term and frequent users of these bone-building drugs are likely to develop and double their risk of having cancer in the esophagus. However, risks to individual users remain minimal, according to the same research.

Another separate and formerly conducted study, which also used the nationwide medical practice research registry about six million people located in UK, was further enhanced with the latest findings.  This is because the former study didn’t yield substantial proof regarding the doubled rate of substantial risks in developing esophageal cancer.

At present, a doubling of esophageal cancer risk were estimated to occur within five years or more of biophosphonate intake, though no stomach increase or colorectal cancer were reportedly discovered. According to Jane Green, Phd, of Oxford University, a further research is necessary to determine the extent of biophosphonates in relation to increasing risks of developing the fatal esophageal cancer.

Dr. Diane Wysoswki, PhD and FDA epidemiologist, noted that other doctors should think of the benefits and underlying risks before prescribing drugs to their patients, especially to those who are currently suffering from digestive problems. Wysoski was the first doctor who discovered 23 esophageal cancer incidences among users of the drug Fosamax in the country. She also advised  patients who are taking the said drug to strictly follow the directions found int he labels. These include taking the drug, with water, for around 30 minutes up to one full hour prior to breakfast consumption.

Alternative and safe solutions for osteoporosis

Given the possible fatal risks that can be associated with treatment drugs for osteoporosis, victims must know of other natural, alternative and effective solutions for osteoporosis without having to endanger their lives through the side effects of osteoporosis medications.

Avoiding exposure to environmental risk factors

Animal and human research shows that heavy metals substantially found in the environment, such as aluminum and tin, promote the development and worsening case of osteoporosis. Aluminum is a major concern, since it is widely-distributed and highly-accessible. Its sources include drinks that are contained in aluminum cans, processed foods, additives such as coloring agents and preservatives, cookware made out of aluminum, antacids, and even underarm deodorants. Exposure to tin is prevalent through foods that are contained and packaged inside tin cans. Some amounts of the said metal seep into the foods and drinks that the can contains prior to its opening; however, even higher amounts can seep into the drinks and foods if these remain inside the can for a time after opening it. As such, a key way of non-drug solutions for osteoporosis is to make very basic lifestyle adjustments, through avoiding exposure and contact with aluminum and tin sources.

Lifestyle Regulations: Diet and Exercise

Several dietary inclusions cause bone thinning, such as high intake of refined sugar, animal proteins, red meat and alcohol. These have been proven to decrease the body’s capacity of secreting digestive enzymes, which is an essential process that enables optimal calcium absorption. Consumption of such factors that promote bone thinning and loss must be moderated, or avoided as much as possible. Smoking, too, poses the same bone-thinning effects and risks; and for a plethora of other health-related reasons, the smoking habit must be abandoned. On the other hand, several studies have shown the positive relationship between enhanced bone health, and fruit and vegetable consumption. Foods rich in calcium include spinach, kale, broccoli, trurnip greens, and collard.

Another natural solution for osteoporosis is through a healthy weight management program. Women who suffer from being overweight and obesity reportedly pose a larger and heavier burden on their joints and bones. As such, healthy weight loss is able to treat and reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis. Studies have also shown that weight-bearing exercises, those that aim to build muscles, have a substantial capacity of strengthening one’s bones. At least 30 minutes of daily exercise, done 5 times within a week, even through non-weight-bearing exercise routines such as swimming, jogging, weight-lifitng, jumping, walking naturally aid osteoporosis treatment because bones and joints in key portions of the body are rendered phyisically active.

Key Supplementation

Nutritional supplementation are essential factors that treat and reduce the risk of developing otseoporosis.

Vitamin D, which is considered to be fat-soluble, takes on the significant role of enabling calcium absoprtion, and maintaining skeletal health. Certain foods are rich in the said vitamin, such as eggs, liver, and fish oil. However, the best source will have to be sunlight. 15-minute exposure to sunlight per day enables the skin to produce the necessary amount of vitamin D. Dietary supplementation, without sun exposure, must be increased to 15 mcg on a daily basis; however, lesser amounts are acceptable provided that the person has been amply exposed to sunlight. Older individuals, because of their restricted exposure to vitamin D from sunlight, should have even higher doses of vitamin D per day.

Intake and therapy through strontium, the trace mineral that serves as a major component of bones, can be attained through strontium concentrations found in parsley, Brazil nuts, molasses, and lettuces. Studies show that around 1-3 mg per day is all that is necessary for osteoporosis prevention. For those who already suffer from the disease, strontium supplementation also largely aids optimal osteoporosis treatment. Results of a particular research venture showed that strontium ranelate helped in increasing the density of bone minerals, while reducing fracture risks by over 40 %, in postmenopausal women who simultaneously suffer from osteoporosis.

The role of vitamin K has recently been acknowledged to have a key effect in maintaining healthy bone metabolism. Those who regularly consume antibiotics, and victims who suffer from impaired liver function are at risk of suffering from deficiency of vitamin K. Reportedly, insufficient amounts of vitamin K in the body increases further loss of bone density, and also heightens bone fracture risks or incidences. Vitamin K1 can be largely found in vegetable oils and green vegetables, and vitamin K2 is reportedly  found in cheese and meat.

A comprehensive program that grounds and provides a natural solution for osteoporisis proves to be highly capable of reducing the risk of developing osteoporosis, decreasing bone loss incidences, and may even successfully reverse bone loss. It is important to note that a severe condition like osteoporosis can actually be alleciated in a safe, affordable, and natural way.


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