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  1. Low Fat Diet Reduces Breast Cancer Relapse in Women, Study Suggests

    Hi Sir Frank, this is julie anne fernandez from the philippines. Im 27 years old, married and a mother of a 3 year old baby boy.

    My mother died of breast cancer last february of 2007. she was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer last 2005 undergone breast mastectomy, chemotheraphy, and radiation theraphy. The cancer spread in her lungs, bone and in the brain. The doctors and medicines didn’t save my mother, it made the cancer cells spread tremendously and made my mother suffered very painfully ’til death.

    I’ve seen my mother’s sufferings and it did a big impact on me. I became paranoid and worried that i can get cancer too. As of now, I think i have a little pea size cyst on my right breast. I havent confirmed with a doctor if its a real cyst, because im scared of what might be the result.

    If just in case the doctor might tell that its a cyst, is it ok if i let them remove it? Is there natural medication that would dissolve the cyst?

    I love to drink Green Tea but they say it has caffeine in it, and caffeine by products is listed in your column under things to avoid. How many glasses of green tea should i take?

    Is it true that i could also develop breast cancer because my mom has it, and because its in the genes that i might inherit?

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