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  1. FDA Snuffs Out Zicam

    Before Zicam came along, I had heard that zinc lozenges kept colds from getting a hold on the body. My colds always start with a tickling in the throat at the base of the nasal passages. I let the zinc lozenges melt in my mouth and bathe my throat. It worked every time. Sometimes I had to do it a couple of times, but it always stopped the colds in their tracks. Often I was unable to find the lozenges so I used zinc gluconate tablets. It worked too, but tasted terrible. When Zicam came along I switched to it and have been quite pleased with it. It worked for me just as intended and stopped colds dead in their tracks, just by using a pre-measured squirt in each nostril. Usually one application was all it took. If I awoke in the middle of the night with that dreaded throat tickle, I immediately got up and used Zicam and went back to bed. When I would wake up in the morning, my throat would be normal and – Bingo – the cold was foiled again.

    The key for me was using it as soon as I felt the first cold symptom. If I waited too long, then the cold did invade and take over, although in my opionion, it was less severe if I used zinc, albeit a little too late to stop the cold entirely.

    I am 68, in perfect health [fitness enthusiast and long distance bicycler], and I have not noticed a loss in my sense of smell.

    That’s my opinion and I stand by it.

    I knew a year or so ago that lawyers were making big bucks sueing Zicam. Once lawyers smell money, other lawyers immediately try to get in on the action. That’s how they make a living. The FDA is a government agency that may act for political reasons at times [as most government agencies do when their superiors demand it] and I know that trial lawyers are one of the biggest constituency donors to this administration, so I put very little credence in the FDA and their actions.

    Again, this is my opinion and I stand by it.

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